Where to Dine in Paris and Why

The glorious city of Paris is also known as the City with a 100 villages’. It comprises 20 districts, the so-called arrondissements, filled to the brim with attractions. But it is the city center that every day draws hordes of enchanted tourists looking for a convenient stay in the heart of the city. Fortunately, there are many downtown Paris hotels positioned close to the subway stations and at a walking distance from all the major attractions of the city.

Paris vaunts of being not only the capital of France but also the most populated metropolitan area of Europe. Placed along the shores of river Seine, Paris is known as the world’s leading business & cultural hub. The influence of this city on the global politics, media, fashion, entertainment, science, and arts is major and therefore the city is regarded as one of the prime global cities of the world.


A most impressive city, Paris is a legendary global city now. The hotels in central Paris provide with all the modern amenities, from WiFi to multiple telephone lines, they have it all. Although compared to the hotel rooms in the US, the rooms here are smaller.


Paris can be both, the most expensive as well as the most affordable city at the same time. Although all the hotels in central Paris have their restaurants, still we suggest you try the innumerable Michelin-rated restaurants the city has.


Leaving aside the food, one can never define where Paris begins. It is as if everything is diffused in the air around. With so many places one could go to, it’s better than one decides his destination as per the kind of environment he wants. The city almost never faces temperatures which are at extremes, with the climate being warm and pleasant. Although the winters are a tad freezing, they never go below freezing point.


Each of the 20 arrondissements has something to offer to the people who come to this magnificent city. On the right of the Seine, bordering the 4th, 5th and 12th arrondissements is the Place de la Bastille which has a whole history behind it, a time forgot for just not of Paris, but the whole of France. The phrase storming the Bastille’ popularized this square and is symbolic of the countless demonstrations held here, in the past and times to come.


Some of the other 3 star downtown Paris hotels are Opal Hotel, Holiday Inn Paris-Saint Germain de Pres; The Hilton Paris offer an extended view of these attractions along with unwinding wind of serenity. Some of the relaxing amenities like restful hydro spa baths provided with a variety of aromatherapy products tend to enhance the unwinding experience at the hotel.


A stay at any of the hotels in Paris city center gives the guests direct and easy access to the Paris’s historical and entertainment areas.